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2012—(10 bulletins)

—Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

A bit of a weird one … this new site for artist/producer/DJ Calvin Harris pulls together his activity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and displays it as an interactive timeline.

—Universal Everything

Universal Everything

We recently launched an updated site for Universal Everything … desktop, tablet and mobile friendly.

—Kathryn Tickell Pimped Piper

Kathryn Tickell

The website of everyone’s favourite Northumbrian smallpiper just got a bit of a re-jig & tidy-up in support of her new album, “Northumbrian Voices”.

—Little Mix

Little Mix

We've recently completed this site for X-Factor winners Little Mix … at least we think they might have won … who honestly knows. The site's graphics were designed by Studio Output.

—Market Me More

Market Me More

A soft launch for this graduates job site.

—Newton Faulkner Scrubbed up

Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner's site gets a 2012 makeover – possibly the 3rd or 4th time we've done such a thing. This time we roped in our friends Kiosk to provide a little design va-va-voom while we tinkered under the hood.

—Josh Kumra

Josh Kumra

Josh Kumra is a new signing to Sony Music in the UK. We built this site for him with the help of our friends Sensomatic.

—Czernin Verlag

Czernin Verlag

We worked with our buddies Sensomatic to build a new shop for kvlt Austrian book store, Czernin Verlag. Can’t get enough of that pristine Senso-aesthetic, even after all these years.



We’ve been way too busy working on stuff to stop to update our sites … so here we go, a couple of quick updates just to show we still have breath in our bodies.

This is Labrinth – a new signing to S*m*n C*w*ll’s Syco label, which we were brought in to work on via Sony Music.

—R&S Records

R&S Records

We recently completed a new site for the recently-ressurected legendary techno label R&S Records. Art direction by our co-conspirators Kiosk.