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2011—(14 bulletins)

—Nest.co.uk Flight of the behemoth


We've recently completed a near-total reworking of the site for modern design superstore Nest.co.uk.

—Kasabian Jurassic Parka


A stripped-back site for dinosaur-lovin’ Kasabian’s new album. They crazy East Midland lads … they love dinosaurs so much they named their album after a really fast one.

—Roy Bailey ’Ezer Coppe, ’Ezer Coppe

Roy Bailey

Taking full advantage of Kleber’s senior citizen discount promotion, folk legend Roy Bailey gets a new site, art directed by our Sheffield drinking compadrés, Kiosk.

—Katy B Nice&Easy Please Me

Katy B

Tenuously concluding this week’s hair-themed updates is a new site for Katy B. With visual direction via Give Up Art, this site was commissioned by Rinse FM/Columbia Records.

—Azari & III (Unsuitable for) Manic (minors)

Azari & III

We’re pleased to launch this site for Azari & III, via Nerve Management. Azari & III breathe welcome new life into the Chicago/acid sound with a contemporary attitude and some extreme oddness & fringe events.

Readers of a certain age may remember the term ‘frightwig’. Look out for a notable frightwig occurrence in the video section.

—Cults Too Kool-aid for school


Cults are an ultra-hip duo hailing from NY, signed to Lily Allen’s ultra-hip ITNO label with international support from Columbia Records. Lovely hair. The site was designed in-house at Columbia Records NY. We supplied the front end, CMS & conditioner.

—The Vaccines Innoc’ing shop

The Vaccines

A site for new Columbia signings The Vaccines. Look out for the Gig Tracker, which takes the band’s gig data from Songkick and plots it on a Google Map, allowing fans to comment and submit images.

In collaboration with sensomatic.

—Pressure Sounds Mode Selector

Pressure Sounds

We’ve been working with Pressure Sounds since the very beginning of internet time. This time around, their site has had a major overhaul and is now centred around the store, offering digital downloads, a selection of releases from their favourite labels and tons of ultra-desirable rootsy merchandise.

—Chipmunk \\\\


Giving you the new Vs. We built this site with long time friends & collaborators sensomatic.

Client: Jive Records/Sony Music.

—Mike + The Mechanics No news is good news

Mike + The Mechanics

Softly rockin’ Mike + The Mechanics return with a new album. Look out for a brief appearance from Level 42's Mark King in the video featured on the home page, looking like a double-glazing salesman who has just received the worst news of his life.

sensomatic discretely handled the graphic responsibilities.
Client: Sony Music

—Almighty Pop’s Up


Their digital shop gets a bit of a nip‘n’tuck. This version was completed over a long period and finally launched in late 2010.

—Funeral For A Friend Death comes along

Funeral For A Friend

Another glacial mover. Initially started in 2009, this little site finally went live in January 2011. It pulls in its content from a variety of different online sources, acting as a hub for all things FFAFy on the Wwwoo.

—RCA A record label … on the internet


Mostly completed in Spring 2010, the new RCA site has finally gone live … now that they’ve decided which of their old logos to reappropriate!

—Screamadelica 20 Higher than the national debt

Screamadelica 20

Primal Scream’s Screamdelica album is being reissued in a fancy box with loads of stuff in it. Re-enjoy the spirit of rave but please keep yourselves sensibly hydrated.

This little site was designed in house at Sony, and handed over to us to build.