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2009—(19 bulletins)

—Martin Simpson Bad-ass Trad arr’r
(n’ singer-songer)

Martin Simpson

A new site for Martin Simpson, created with design direction from Sheffield brethren Kiosk.

“Twitter, Twitter on the wall…

Twitter Visualizer

who is the most popular of them all?”

We recently created a visual Twitter aggregator installation, projected in the lobby of the Sony Music London headquarters, that displays the most tweeted about Sony artists in true lava-lamp style.

—Pet Shop Boys Eventually

Pet Shop Boys

A new PSB site, in collaboration with Farrow Design.

—Miike Snow TV static included, no need to retune your box.

Miike Snow

Behind that Jackalope hides the trio of Miike Snow (2 parts Swedish and 1 part Amercian) who like mystery, imaginary animals and lots of TV distortion. As you do.
Another new band site for Sony Music.

—Columbia Records 2nd edition

Columbia Records

It's almost 4 years since we last did a website for Columbia Records, and a lot has changed on the web since then. This new site simplifies things hugely and provides easily-digestible info on the releases & activities of Columbia artists via jumbo fonts and simple, elegant content structures.

—Newton Faulkner New site for Newton's new album

Newton Faulkner

As is the way with the music industry… new album=new website. The 'global artist site' we did for Newton back in late spring 2008 has had a lick of paint. Blue paint. And a nice off-white (but not magnolia).

—Sony CMG 20 years since The Stone Roses' debut album, sheesh!

Sony CMG

A site for Sony's fresh new reissue/classic division.

—DixonBaxi The dynamic duo


A long time in the making, we have given DixonBaxi an ever-changing website.

—Generation Press Seeing green

Generation Press

The printer of choice for many a designer, Generation Press gets a sharp makeover and a new website, art directed by Build and built by us.

Computer Arts 164

Computer Arts 164

This month's issue of Computer Arts magazine is offering you twice the amount of Kleber goodness: first, there's Dr. Muller partaking in a round table discussion on puritanism in (online) advertising, while Dr. Wise shows you how to polish your site with some CSS and JQuery tricks.



A new Kasabian site for 2009. They're back, and this time they've been listening to early (peak-period) Tangerine Dream!

Another site running on our custom 'global artist site' engine, which allows for all the various militant factions of the Sony empire to localize the contents for their own territories.

—Gianna Nannini Probably gets through Ns on her Letraset quicker than most.

Gianna Nannini

Two sites we did recently for Sony Music Italy - for their homegrown superstars Gianna Nannini & Eros Ramazzotti

—Twisted Wheel

Twisted Wheel

New Kleberwerk for Twisted Wheel

—Nest Nest Refresh


Although it has seemed like a quiet few months, the first green shoots of our recent efforts are now beginning to show. First up, Nest.co.uk enjoys a significant upgrade/relaunch.

.net Magazine 188

.net Magazine 188

While we're hard at work creating sites for the future, for a 4th time in a row our friends at .net magazine called upon the wise old sages at Kleber towers (somewhere in the UK) for advice on how to breathe new life into existing sites, which we duly illustrate with our ongoing work for clients like Columbia uk and Sony Music UK

Computer Arts 160

Computer Arts 160

In a slight change of pace, this month we're also featured in Computer Arts issue 160 where, in the Brief Encounter section, we show you an in-depth look at the design and development of the AC/DC Rocks! site.

.net Magazine 187

.net Magazine 187

It seems there's no stopping us. Yet again, we pop up in the current issue of .net magazine ... gently telling you why its time to give up IE6.

.net Magazine 186

.net Magazine 186

Continuing our love affair with .net magazine, this month's issue (on sale now) has us talking about global websites, explaining how we built the international AC/DC Rocks site.

.net Magazine 185

.net Magazine 185

Last month Kleber was featured in your monthly internet bible .net magazine, where we shared some of our ideas about the future of the internet.