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2007—(20 bulletins)

Two posts in a week!

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ten years ago Kylie walked out on us...

we tried to move on, rebuild our lives...

but then earlier this year she walked back in...


—Nest Pumping up the feathers


Modern design superstore Nest.co.uk gets some more Kleber love.

—Novation Music Sheer elation at the creation of the Novation internet sub-station

Novation Music

In partnership with their in-house designers, we recently built the framework for this fancy multi-lingual behemoth for Novation Music. Next we're doing a site for their bad-ass big brother, Focusrite.

—Pressure Sounds Pressure buttons now (2)

Pressure Sounds

Pressure Sounds gets a timely (ish) rejig

—Annie Lennox Multi-lingual Annie

Annie Lennox

A microsite for Annie lennox's new album Songs of Mass Destruction, in more languages than you can shake a stick at...

<del>Web Developers Needed</del>

We are looking for experienced, self-motivated freelance web developers to help us on a bunch of interesting new projects in the coming months.

Ideally you will have:

? excellent XHTML/CSS skills
? excellent PHP skills
? excellent MySQL skills
? a good understanding of Flash and Actionscript
? an eye for good design
? ability to work to a strict deadline
? ability to manage your own time
? common sense

Location is not an issue for us as you would be expected to work remotely.

Please send 3 examples of your work (stating your input on the projects) to workwithus@kleber.net


The Colour Rooms

The Colour Rooms

s01-rev/pulse is an ambient animation currently on display at the colour rooms, a space by bravia. the animation is displayed on state-of-the-art sony bravia lcd televisions, simultaneously in london and berlin for a period of 4 months.

Kiss Chase

Natalie Imbruglia Facebook App

Even my mum has a Facebook page, so we thought it was time to jump on the bandwagon and get making some apps... here is the first fruit from our faffing...

It's a bit like when you where at school and you got your best mate to tell someone you really fancied them, though this time Natalie Imbruglia tells them rather than your best mate... it's over here!



ollaborative repository/companion site for Julian ope's new book, Japrocksampler

It's that time of year again.

When the nominations for the BT Digital Music awards are announced... and our work has been short listed for a couple of them...

Cinematic Orchestra - 'Best Electronic Artist or DJ' - vote
Wiley - 'Best Urban Artist' - vote

And last years winner,

Bleep.com - 'Best Music Store' - vote

—The Flea-Pit

The Flea-Pit

a whole month without an update! but we've not been sat around on our arses. Alongside babies, house moves, kittens and engagements we've squeezed in a bit of work as well.

First up, The Flea-Pit, a 'urban eatery/bar' in the heart of London's 'trendy' shoreditch.

kiosk made it red. we made it clicky.

—World Music Network A Rough Guide To...

World Music Network

A redesign of World Music Network's site, worldmusic.net, complete with digital downloads store.

The Dazed Digital 50

dazed & confused is looking at the 50 individuals and groups behind the most eye-popping, mind-blowing creative endeavours on the web today - and we're happy to spot Bleep amongst the list.

Mam Torô Eagle Award Nomination

Mam Torô Publishing has been was nominated for an eagle award in the "Favourite British Colour Comic" category for our award-winning anthology Event Horizon 2!

Vote for us, so we can beat Judge Dredd. Just this once!

You didn't, so 2000AD won... again.

—The Cinematic Orchestra Is it tall enough?

The Cinematic Orchestra

A single page site for Ninja's one man band, The Cinematic Orchestra.

—The Tiny Dancers Reg Dwight's tiny army...

The Tiny Dancers

More stuff for the folks at Parlophone. The Tiny Dancers get a new home.

—Sioban Donaghy Her wot used to be in the Sugababes...

Sioban Donaghy

Mam Torô New Stuff

Mam Torô New Stuff

We just released 2 new graphic novels: Worry Doll and Lap of the Gods - and slashed the price on our Event Horizon Anthology!
All available at Mam Torô Publishing


Starting 2007 with something a bit different. We have just built Ninja Tune an Instant Messenger artificial intelligence (this is debatable) script for new artist Pop Levi.

You can chat to him via iChat, Yahoo or AIM using robopoplevi (AIM account) or if you have MSN then add robopoplevi@hotmail.com to your friends list.

he's still learning - so go easy on him!