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2006—(30 bulletins)

Rough Deal

Rough Trade Digital is the fruit of a new venture between Bleep.com and Rough Trade.

We haven't been involved in this project but you may feel our presence as the underlying code was based on our award-winning work for Bleep.com

(relayed through gritted teeth).

—Martin Simpson

Martin Simpson

A nice little site for Trad-Folk bad-ass Martin Simpson.
Bro Kiosk brung the browns & beiges.

—Everyone Forever Just about Now

Everyone Forever

Everyone Forever is a new blog thing from Universal Everything with a diverse range of edgy contributors. We built it.

—Almighty Almighty Enhancements


Almighty gets a bit of a nip & tuck both cosmetically and technically.

Bleep.com wins a DMA

So it's two years late, but Bleep.com won the award for Best Online Store at last night's Digital Music Awards.

Speedway King 2.0

Speedway King 2.0

I just finished the site for my fellow Belgian rockers Speedway King!

Taschen: Music Sites

Taschen: Music Sites

Our work for Kasabian, Bleep, Sony BMG, Columbia, TCTC, Peacefrog and Warp Records is featured in Taschen's new book, Web Design: Music Sites!


Another year, another set of Digital Music Award nominations.

This year we have been shortlisted for:

Best Rock Act for kasabian.co.uk
Best Electronic Artist/DJ for coldcut.net
Best Music Store for bleep.com
Best Music Community for the Ninja Tune Forum

—So-Urban RCA - only more so


A new site for RCA/Sony's urban division, So-Urban.

Kleber: the name you trust!

Kleber: the name you trust!

We offer some insight on branding your own company in Computer Arts Projects 87. Go get your copy!

—Just Music Wave

Just Music

An airy new style for just music.

Double Neck Standards

Double Neck Standards

In a non-www-related incident, I'm interviewed in the current issue of Rock-A-Rolla magazine, talking about Slomo and other music + stuff.



A new Kasabian site, for a new Kasabian album.

Hello (Again)!

Hello (Again)!

After 3 years (to the day), I have finally overhauled helloMuller; and while I was at it released something new over at ximeralabs.

4 out of 50

Over the weekend, The Telegraph published a list of the top 50 music websites. We managed to get four entries in the list.

—RCA Label Group UK

RCA Label Group UK

Another addition to the ever growing family that is SonyBMG:
RCA Label Group UK

—Roy Bailey

Roy Bailey

roybailey.net, in collaboration with Kiosk

I want to be a superhero

Muller shares his secret ambitions in Viewpoint in this month's Grafik magazine (no. 139).

Slomo Whoring

Slomo Whoring

Ater last year's ltd. release on Fuck Off & Di, the Slomo album 'The Creep' has recently been re-issued on Important Records. It's available now from soundsofslomo.com


"if the doom metal of Khanate is the ideal soundtrack to the 21st century odinists' hanging upon the tree of yggdrasil, then the vegetal music of slomo is the unfolding, nurturing, ever-becoming ur-ooze that titanically irrigates the roots of that sacred tree. slomo restores our timeless beginnings and fulfils the ginnungagap... motherfuckers."
julian cope


"...seeps into your subconscious, where it flutters like a trapped and burning moth at the back of your brain. ghostly sounding and ominously rumbling with atmospheric threat, 'the creep' is an undeniably effective chunk of subterranean echo, whose quaking aftershock could cause sleepless nights."
the wire


"... a masterclass in artistic reduction ... the entire one hour of the album (one track no less...) is taken up by pulsating bass drones, occasional clattering sounds, haunting high pitched wails and seismic disturbances. this is a genuinely masterful recording, and a dark delight for anyone enjoying the wonders of doom at the moment."
boom kat


"uneasy, brooding, and honestly unsettling, this disc slowly works its way out of the speakers and into the psyche. ingrained, it's impossible to put it down, lock it away, carry it to the street with the beer and scotch bottles to be recycled. inactivated, it defiantly surfaces in the cat's purr, the volk's engine knocks, a fritzing hard drive."
dusted magazine


"a completely culty piece of oozing metastain."
stephen o'malley

We Won

We Won

Mam Torô's Event Horizon has been awarded the Sci-Fi London Best Comic/Graphic Novel Award!

More Hands

We are currently looking for talented flash developers to collaborate on forthcoming projects.

You need to be versed in Action scripting, loading and sending XML, OOP and all things flash 8 to assist in building dynamic web applications. Self motivation, organisation, and an eye for the tiniest detail are required, as you will be expected to work remotely and to strict deadlines.

Please note this is not a full time position, rather an opportunity for freelancers to work with us on a project by project basis.

Please email your CV and example of previous work to jobs@kleber.net

Bleep, OMM

Bleep.com makes it to 21st place in The Observer Music Monthly list of the 25 essential music websites.

If only Bleep sold Coldplay records...

—Columbia Records

Columbia Records

A site for the all-new Columbia UK label, hewn out of the living rock (& pop) of Sony BMG

—Nightmares on Wax Full stack

Nightmares on Wax

An outrageously addictive Flash promo game for the new Nightmares On Wax album, based on an old favourite. Flashery was once more handled by the DOMH-inator.

—McKevitt & Kenwood MK Computer

McKevitt & Kenwood

Small site built by us (employing the flashwerk of our Barcelona Satellite), designed by TDR for McKevitt+Kenwood PR

—Fink Folk Fink


Another in our long line of Ninja Tune artist sites, this time for newly reinvented Fink.


We've finally added an RSS feed to this site. It's over here

Bleep.com at the Music Week Awards

Bleep.com has been was shortlisted as 'Best Digital Music Store' at tonights last nights, Music Week Awards - Its It was up against some heavy weight competition and strangly, Amazon, who don't actually have a digital download service yet.

But as you would expect iTunes won.

—Manhattan Loft Corporation Chug of the Behemoth (PPC)

Manhattan Loft Corporation

Lush new site for Manhattan Loft Corporation with an all-star cast: yours truly, Universal Everything, DOMH and This Is Real Art.

—Partizan Twins!


New sites for Partizan and Partizan Lab