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2005—(31 bulletins)

Mam Tor™ – Yellow

Mam Tor™ – Yellow

A brand new yellow site for Mam Tor Publishing to coincide with the release of the second issue of Event Horizon, the breakout sci-fi and fantasy anthology that has everyone talking.

—Nest Get your Granny something nice for Xmas


Another massively long Kleber project comes to bountiful fruition. in collaboration with Universal Everything ... we bring you Nest.

(vitra tea cosies from £1,999,999.99)

—Almighty Records Get your Grandson something nice for Xmas

Almighty Records

A massively-long Kleber project finally comes to fruition. Almighty Records' new website is here, featuring a hefty combined digital/physical store and all the 'hits' of today and yesteryear brutalised for the undiscerning amyl nitrate-using fun-lover.

—Sony BMG Music sonybmgmusic.co.uk

Sony BMG Music

A Kleber-designed & built site for the UK arm of this international music behemoth.

—ICA/The Club Full house

ICA/The Club

The ICA commissioned us to brand, design, build and host, a new site for 'The Club'.

Hot and cool

Hot and cool

The november issue of Japanese magazine, Web Designing features us in their 'hot and cool' section.

BT DMAs - Nominated

Our work for Kasabian and Roots Manuva has been shortlisted for this years Digital Music Awards

The Other Muller

The Other Muller

My brother Tim (an ex Kleber intern) finally launches his own site - timmuller.com!



More McGrail-infused music - this time it's Slomo - a 2-piece economy-ambient/drone group. our debut album 'The Creep' is out now on Fuck Off & Di.




A brand new site for acclaimed artist Kent Williams!

—St Pancras Chambers St Pancras Chambers for rent / to buy!

St Pancras Chambers

Another site for MLC, this time for their prestigious redevelopment of the St Pancras Chambers.

Another Kleber group-outing with UE, DOMH, and TIRA.

Kleber Propaganda (part 1)

Kleber Propaganda (part 1)

In a follow up from the previous entry: the first Kleber propaganda product , the Refresh Rate N/A pinbadge, is available at the Propaganda store!
coming soon: helloTShirt, and Refresh Rate N/A poster!

Muller Propaganda

Muller Propaganda

the Propaganda store, a new Portuguese design shop just opened their doors, and are selling lots of nice design goodies; among them the first 2 exclusive items of Muller propaganda: helloPoster and helloPin! go check it out...

Coming soon: helloTShirt, and Kleber propaganda!


the steady march of ninja tune & big dada microsites continues with Part-2, following on from Pest, One Self, Amon Tobin, and Roots Manuva earlier in the year....

All this was, of course aided and abetted by our man in Spain, domh

Simply the best

Simply the best

...according to Taschen anyway.

We're featured in the new Taschen book Web Design: Best Studios.

Collecting Earthquakes

Collecting Earthquakes

Lleber old-timer McGrail has his debut album "Collecting Earthquakes" released today on Julian Cope's Head Heritage label.

More here and here.


Sony Electronics

We recently completed animation duties on this brand showcase behemoth for Sony®'s new like.no.other? strapline - a Fallon-led project designed by Build with music by Freefarm, project managed by This Is Real Art.



Fresh! The new site for award-wining artist Ashley Wood is here.

Kleber in the can

Kleber in the can

This weekend we'll be in we are we were in Toronto (CA) presenting at the Flash in the Can conference!

A big thanks to Shawn Pucknell for everything! FITC was a load of fun!


—One Self Themselves

One Self

another ninja tune microsite for new artists one self

—Hospital Records Ooh Matron

Hospital Records

We've recently completed the implementation of a combined physical products/digital downloads store for renowned D&B label Hospital Records.

(Their design / our code).

—Kasabian Neo-baggy warfare


Sony BMG requested that we update our award-winning Kasabian site of 2004 to reflect their new, "wider appeal".

—Tidy Digital Keepin' it Tidy with DJ Spick & DJ Span

Tidy Digital

A digital downloads site for those who like their weekends large…
Tidy Digital

—Flynn Productions

Flynn Productions

a new site for production company flynn productions

—Merz With love...

Merz is back with his second album, loveheart, along with a kleber powered digital download shop

More Appearances

More Appearances

I'll be prancing around on stage with fellow Ashley Wood at this year's Semi Permanent in Sydney/Australia, so come and say hi for some special Mullerlove.

—Emiliana Torrini

Emiliana Torrini

You've heard her in Lord of the Rings, she slowed with Kylie, and now we give her a brand new website.

—Mattafix Mattafixed!


A brand new site for Mattafix, distortion included.

—Maximo Park We applied some pressure

Maximo Park

to the brand new Maximo Park website we built in collaboration with Yes.

—Roots Manuva The roots ventriloshiznit machine

Roots Manuva

Mash up / cut up / rearrange and sing along with the new Roots Manuva game we did coinciding with Roots' new single 'Colossal Insight'.
Built in association with the Kleber Barcelona office.

Kleber in the can

Kleber in the can

KL, so its still a couple of months away, but we can tell you that Kleber will be representing at the 2005 Flash In The Can conference in Toronto, Canada.

Stay tuned for more info.