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2004—(40 bulletins)

Mam Tor™

Mam Tor™

Mam Tor™ Publishing is looming on the Event Horizon.

find / -name "intern" -print

We are looking for an Intern to come and join us early next year.

This time around we are looking specifically for someone with a keen interest in web development.

Your skills should include some of these:

-BSD/Linux admin

And you will:

-Be able to make all of the above work harmoniously
-Have an eye for the tiniest detail
-Have the ability to work autonomously and as part of a team
-Be enthusiastic about music and the music industry

Please send CVs to yes@kleber.net



Muller, his mac, and more! In the latest issue of MacUser.
(Nov.26th Issue/NR24)

—Roots Manuva Manuvaring...

Roots Manuva

Roots Manuva is back, complete with gradients and a big, big circle!
Go Manuvar through the site!

We won

We won

The Kasabian website we did, is the best online music promotional campaign, at this year's Digital Music Awards!

—Backyard Productions Not in my backyard

Backyard Productions

Backyard, an LA-based production company.
Built in collaboration with Universal Everything.

—Universal Everything

Universal Everything

mr. pyke & his pastures new.
coding by our good selves.

—Hexstatic Kleberstatic!


To celebrate the new Hexstatic album Master-View, we designed the new official web-site site-web full of view-master master-view goodness!

Kleber in the City

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, Sept. 21st 2004), Kleber will be talking on one of the interactive panels at the yearly music industry conference In The City, discussing the future of digital downloads.

Communicate: British Independent Graphic Design since the Sixties...

Communicate: British Independent Graphic Design since the Sixties...

... is the name of a retrospective exhibition on British Design at the Barbican Artgallery. We're very pleased that our award-winning work for Warp Records we did with The Designers Republic is part of the show.

New Fatboy Slim single

If you still find the "whole internet thing" a bit of a novelty, you might be interested in buying the new Fatboy Slim single Slash Dot Dash from Skint Records' newly-launched digital downloads site, Brassic Beats.

The designers of Brassic Beats obviously took a lot of inspiration from the Bleep.com site we built for Warp Records, not to mention a whole load of actual code. Cheeeeky!

El Grande

El Grande

Grande Fanta - Ashley Wood artwork 2000-2004 is the latest art book from Spectrum-Award winning artist Ashley Wood, and we designed the covers for it.

—The Honeymoon Over the moon

The Honeymoon

We're literally over the moon because we've finished developing The Honeymoon's website.

E-Project Vol.2

E-Project Vol.2

Following the success of E-Project Vol.1, Pao & Paws release their follow up E-Project Vol.2; containing "the most creative web sites around the world."

We're very happy to be featured in the book (although the work is from last year) and give some insight to what makes us tick!
A book with big pictures and small text.

—Roger Roger loves U


Take a perambulation around the garden of fonk and enter the Kingdom of Roger.

—Mania Whistlemania


Already nominated for several high-brow whistling accolades, Mania's debut single 'Looking For A Place' looks set to bring about a revival of this traditional and oft-ignored pasttime.

Kleber's top 5 songs with whistling in them:

1. Jealous Guy - Bryan Ferry
2. Debbie Debris - Companero Asma
3. Can't Smile Without You - Barry Manilow
4. Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
5. Winds of Change - The Scorpions

NB: for the purposes of this list these songs have been judged on their whistling merits alone. Therefore this list does not necessarily reflect Kleber's opinion on the actual songs themselves.

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Unable to properly display image

Reason: can't cache image.
The new Ximeralabs, just in time for the summer.

Busman's Holiday

I've just finished building Muller Jnr a content management system for his latest creation, cahel.net

Shortlisted Again

We just found out that last year's Christian Aid Week website we designed and built has been shortlisted for a One World Broadcasting Trust Award in the media category.

—Mùm It never rains but it pours


3 years, 7 months and 8 days in the making, finally the sun is shining, and Mům's Random Summer has begun.

Close but no cigar

Close but no cigar

Bleep has been was nominated for a Webby Award for best music site!
You can could vote for us in the People's Voice Award, but you didn't. so iTunes won.



Viction:ary has just released the first 2 books in their new amatterofdesign? series: It's A Matter Of Promotion and it's a matter of Identity. 2 really nice design publications, and we're happy to be in there!

We love recycling

We love recycling

We're part of the Flink/use again exhibition. the initiative is set to push creative boundaries in Belgium. online only for now, with a physical exhibit later this year.

—Quiet, Please! Calmo, per favore!

Quiet, Please!

It's not the starship Enterprise, its a music studio.
Quiet, please! when visiting the site.

—Your Codename is...

Your Codename is...

Milo, according to Your Codename Is Milo. This is the first phase of their site, another one of those Kleber/TDR "collaborations"

8 squares divided by 2

8 squares divided by 2

Working alongside the Colombian Kleber, we give new Ninja Tune artist, Blockhead a fitting website for his new album.

—Banco de Gaia You are...

Banco de Gaia

here according to Uncle Banco, who today celebrates his 80th Kleber-designed website.

Plan B Science & Entertainment V2

Plan B Science & Entertainment V2

Muller+Wood= Design+Art.

—Blockhead Jazz Lottery

Following on from Decembers Kid Koala microsite, and Januarys Blockhead competition, We help Ninja Tune & Skalpel offer you the change to win a holiday

Re: Think/design/construct

Re: Think/design/construct

Together with a slew of other top-notch creatives we're featured in Rethink, Redesign, Reconstruct
a book that shows there's more than one solution to every creative problem.
get your copy now!

—Sons of TC-Lethbridge Dance by the light of the bridges you burn

Sons of TC-Lethbridge

Our Holy Mac contributes Hawkwind-esque synthesizer and deeply offensive web design to The Sons Of TC-Lethbridge - a collective of writers and musicians including Julian Cope, Welbourn Tekh, Doggen & Kevlar from Spiritualized and the legendary Colin Wilson.


Our Tim updates his Base Reference.

Bleeped again!

Bleeped again!

This time in this month's Grafik magazine.



th3 51t3 1s l1v3.

Become part of the movement, and follow the red dots.

—Levi's 100% jeans


we helped out our friends at lateral with their excellent levi's europe site; and designed the 100% product section.

go buy some clothes.

Bang your heads to Speedway King

Bang your heads to Speedway King

Known to destroy the glasses at the venues they play by sheer volume, they now invade the internet. Hold on to your monitors!
Speedway King!

Muller Love

Muller Love

Our TomM tells it 'like it is' in this months Computer Arts projects.

More Bleeps

More Bleeps

Our Bleep has been bl**ped in this month's bl**p of the month in Creative Review!

—Kid Koala All his best friends are DJs

Kid Koala

The new Kid Koala micro site is here.

—Bleep Bleeps make the world go 'round


[almost] every single track ever put out on Warp - available for immediate digital download from Bleep.com

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