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25 seconds of moving stuff

Zut alors!

Hortense Suleyman

Vive la France! A petite site for French ceramist(e) Hortense Suleyman.

—Ninja Tune - Best Label at Dotmusic Winner stays on

It's official:
ninjatune.net is the best independent label website in the whole wide world ever ever ever.

Source: Dotmusic, 26-11-02.

Poppin' bot

Poppin' bot

I just helped my buddy Ash Wood with the new Popbot World, the site for his ?ber-popular comic book.

—Addiction Addicted


Status phase 01 = live
Status phase 02 = e.t.a.: 2003

Where no man had gone before

Where no man had gone before

All good things must come to an end.
these past 6 weeks have been a steady mix of coffee, table football and design.
We say goodbye to our Tim.

(Mork) calling Morvern

(Mork) calling Morvern

Our intern program is bearing fruits!
Tim has created the micro site for the upcoming Warp-released soundtrack to the movie Morvern Callar.

—Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros

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Beta testing intern program 1.0

Beta testing intern program 1.0

Yes! Kleber is venturing into uncharted lands.
We're currently beta testing our new internship program, and what better way to keep it in the family: indeed that is Tim, TomM's brother who came all the way from Belgium to make us fresh coffee every day :D

—Manic Street Preachers Shittin' 'em out daily

Manic Street Preachers

Another Manics site! (Kleber's 3rd)

—Ace of Base In your base

Ace of Base

With love from sweden, all they wanted was another site, baby!

—Hoggboy Smokin' cigarette blues


Hoggboy have come for your mothers / daughters / girlfriends / wives / dogs / cats / gardens / whatever.

—Suede Crackerjack


The Suede boys are here with a new album and a brand-spanking new site!

—Elisa La Bella Italia


Elisa is here!

—Banco de Gaia Where the pyramid meets the eye

Banco de Gaia

Uncle Banco is back with a splendid new site and the döppel CD "best of"-style compilation, 10 Years.

Phat motion

Phat motion

This month's cre@te online magazine features the work of Dr Muller, one of Kleber's physicists. In the article Muller says 'nothing is more eye-popping than a fat piece of motion graphics bursting off the screen'. Be warned Muller's motion is not to be tried at home, the effects have been known to reformat your mind.

—MTV2 Europe

MTV2 Europe

At long last we are proud to present the brand spanking new MTV2 Europe website... it's all about street graffiti and rock!

10th Planet space exploration

10th Planet space exploration

No plugins needed, our big sister has landed, enjoy the curves, words and sexy solar system screensaver. This is the future.

Small wonder

Small wonder

and other size-related puns abound as this year's five kilobyte 'anything goes' competition entries are unveiled ...

go see the iotic entry, here!

Brand! new!

Brand! new!


preview 6.4kb
macintosh 2.5mb
windows 1.7mb

Press frenzy #2

Press frenzy #2

This month's Cre@te Online magazine has a 2 page 'insight' into our work on the forthcoming MTV2 site.

Unfortunately they got the launch date wrong, the site is actually due to launch in the next few weeks.

£6, 100 pages, 12p again.

Press frenzy #1

Press frenzy #1

A 2-page profile on Kleber in this month's Computer Arts Special

As the magazine costs £6 and contains 100 pages, it will cost you 12p to read all about us, unless you have very good eyesight and can read it here.

Our house

Our house

Some time ago, in a geometric fashion, my brother took six cubic pinhole-camera shots outside our family home ...

Check out the new online immersive versions!

—Solid Steel A steel that is solid

Solid Steel

The ninjas are back... check the new and improved orange Solid Steel site... listen to the mixes and practice your dancing moves!

What is this then?

What is this then?

Something we're working on .... tease tease... wait and see...

Say yay! for videofeedback

Say yay! for videofeedback



—Ashley Wood Praxis 2

Ashley Wood

Me and Dan S. gave Ashley Wood his site a nice and tight make-over.
If you love good comics - take a look, the man can draw!

Thundering tinkin

Thundering tinkin

gargantuan, radical, extreme

We like a lot!


That shiny new name we mentioned...

...it's here! look!

A v. warm welcome to TomM of XimeraLabs.
We hope our computers are fast enough for you.


Vote for iotic at the 256 byte html competition! Download all entries there - or look at the iotic entries here and here (best on PC IE)

Designer position - what designer position?

We are no longer accepting CVs for the designer position.
sorry, but we're a bit moody like that.

Once our harsh pop-idol style panel of judges have made their decision - and let there be no doubt that their decision is final - a shiny new name will appear "up there".

That's all the news.

—The Peoples Bureau for Consumer Information Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

The Peoples Bureau for Consumer Information

We've just made The Designers Republic rich

Vinculum Matrimonii

Vinculum Matrimonii

Footage direct from the new world

We are still alive

For proof, look at this javascript mandelbrot set generator

It may run very slowly on some browsers, or not at all.

So it goes.